FOOD is What is Makes the WORLD Go Round

I honestly do not remember when I started cooking. I do remember though summer cooking lessons in my lolas patio way back then. During the summer, my del Rosario cousins and I would spend every single day in Mamas house. It was fun filled with activities such as swimming until our fingers looked like shriveled up prunes and our lips blue from the cold, ping pong, mandatory siestas in the babies room, watching Duran Duran videos, and so much more. 

In grade school, for our “Write-A-Book” contest, the title of my book was Lasagna. A step by step story with ingredients talking of how to make Lasagna, which won me a silver medal.

In high school we were bombarded with arts and crafts, cooking classes, and in my last year of high school not belonging to the basketball varsity anymore, I chose something called Gourmet Club or Club Gourmet that’s what I think it was. The real reason was that I needed to be out of school by 3:40 or 4 p.m. at the latest because I had to go riding. 

In college, I noticed that my friends would come over alot to eat. I would cook whatever we had in the ref and whip up a meal. Then when I moved to Magallanes, my cousins Trissa and Tina and I, would cook all these things imaginable. I then started my small business of making Taco Lumpia. I used to sell to bars like Lava Lounge and ScoopyDoo, an ice cream parlor in BF Homes, Paranaque.

It was really after my operation when I found myself useful again by cooking. Now my price list goes on and on…. my favorite books are cookbooks. 

Written in 2005


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