ISurvived on ABS-CBN with Ces Drilon

For most women, having a child is a source of happiness and fulfillment. It  becomes such a painful irony then for any mother to face the specter of death while giving life to a child. Watch the struggles of Bettina to stay alive, get well and be strong for her son on ‘I Survived’ this Thursday after Bandila. 
Shortly giving birth, Bettina’s doctors discovered she has a rare congenital brain disease. She underwent a sensitive operation where she lost ” one cup of her brain” and lapsed into a coma. When she woke up again, she had to re-learn the alphabet. Just as her baby was starting to crawl, she had to learn to walk …again. Given such realities and limitations, how did she manage to become a mom? Her inspiring story of survival and journey to healing tonight, August 5, on ‘ I Survived’, after Bandila.
Watch the Episodes Clips here:

E N J O Y!

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