KaSaMa (Kaagapay Sa Magallanes)

KaSaMa (Kaagapay Sa Magallanes)

A Holistic Livelihood and Development Program for Household Helpers

KASAMA Batch 3 is a holistic livelihood and development program for the household helpers brought to you by the Barangay Magallanes Council. Headed by Barangay Chairman Armand Padilla, Chairperson Nico Garcia, Kagawad for Social Services and Livelihood Committee and Chairperson Junjun Tumale, Kagawad for Education and Culture Committee.

This was officially launched last July 24, 2012 at the St. Alphonsus Mary di Ligouri Parish Center. Opening ceremonies and testimonies from previous batch members were given.

This will be a series of short talks and activities discussing various topics to be able to enrich our Kasama’s candidates lives. To, in our little way, uplift their moral, social, and spiritual lives as well. We are blessed and privileged to have household helpers and drivers and the like, to do our daily chores. We must be thankful for them. The best way we can repay them, is to share our knowledge and experiences. These little steps pave the way to a better community and a better nation. It would be ideal for other communities to do the same.

KASAMA will run from July 17 to October 13 with the culminating activity for candidates. This is only a once a week meeting. 2-3 hours an afternoon. All participants will be given snacks after each session. The Barangay has also provided FREE transportation to and from the parish center for the participants. Designated pick up points were provided where environment friendly jeeps wait them 30 mins before class time.

Culminating Video after 12 weeks of Workshops


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