Who may register?

PWD who is:

  • A Filipino citizen
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Resident of the Philippines for at least 1 year and in the place wherein he proposes to vote, for at least 6 months immediately preceding the election

Any person who has not reached the required voting age or period of residence on the day of registration but will possess such qualifications on election day may register as a voter.

Who may update their records?

A PWD who has previously registered but who has not indicated the type of disability, or who may have developed/manifested such disability after having been registered.

The PWD shall then be allowed to update their registration record and to indicate the type of assistance they need during the election day by accomplishing the supplementary data in the Certification/Attestation by Assistor Form.

When is the period for filing registration?

Registration period is until October 31, 2012.

Where to file registration?

At the Office of the Election Officer which has jurisdiction of the place where you are residing or in satellite registration sites as announced by your local COMELEC Office.

The office of the EO shall provide express lane and give priority/preferential treatment to PWDs, elderly, detainees and pregnant applicants.

What document to bring?

One valid identification card (ID):

  • Current employee’s ID • NBI/PNP clearance
  • Postal ID • Passport
  • Student’s ID/library card • SSS/GSIS ID
  • Senior Citizen’s ID • Any other valid ID
  • Driver’s License

In certain cases, other documents like birth certificate (for new registrants) and proof of billing to establish residency may also be asked.

In case a valid ID cannot be presented, the applicant may be identified under oath by any registered voter of the precinct, or by any of his relatives within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity.

Who may assist a PWD in accomplishing his application form?

A PWD who cannot himself accomplish an application for registration shall be assisted by any of the following in the preparation of his application form:

  • Election Officer (EO);
  • Member of an accredited citizen’s arm;
  • Relative within the fourth level civil degree of consanguinity or affinity; or
  • Any person of his confidence who belongs to the same household.

In no case shall an assistor assist more than three (3) times except the EO. All assistors must be of voting age.

What is the procedure in registration?

  • Present a valid ID to the Election Officer.
  • Accomplish the Application Form given by the Election Officer (3 copies).
  • Accomplish Annex “C” particularly the portion entitled “SUPPLEMENTARY DATA” (see sample).

Note: Check the disability and the assistance needed during the election day. For example, a person who is a wheelchair user should check:

However, if the PWD does not need assistance as he/she is capable of moving freely and can vote without the need of an assistor, he may check:

  • Submit the accomplished Application forms for Registration and Annex “C” to the Election Officer.
  • Proceed to the voter Registration Machine (vRM) Operator for biometrics capture.
  • Take the oath administered by the EO.
  • Receive the bottom portion of one copy of the application form. This will serve as an Acknowledgement Receipt and proof of filing the application.

What are the other types of application which can be filed in the office of the election officer during the registration period?

  • APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF REGISTRATION RECORDS (For registered voters who transferred residence)
  • APPLICATION FOR REACTIvATION OF REGISTRATION RECORDS (For registered voters whose registration has been deactivated)
  • APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF NAME (For any registered voter whose name has been changed by reason of marriage or court order or by the order of the Civil Registrar or Consul General)
  • APPLICATION FOR CORRECTION OF ENTRY/IES (For any registered voter whose registration record contains erroneous entries, including wrong or misspelled name, birth date, birth place or typographical errors)

For inquiries, you may call or text:

(02) 527-2767 and (02) 525-9345

This is a publication produced by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and supported by funding from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through The Asia Foundation. AusAID is the Australian Government’s overseas aid agency. The view expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of AusAID.



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