Thank Goodness for Trailblazers

Thank goodness for trailblazers.

Aug 3rd, 2008 by carisse | Comments (3)

Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress. (Thomas A. Edison)

Perhaps unbeknownst to many, there exists in Manila a wonderful opportunity called “The Recyclables Fair”, spearheaded by Barangay Magallanes in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources (DENR), Ayala Property Management, Inc. and the Makati DES Office for Solid Waste Management. The fair happens every first Friday of the month and had its first run last March. Since then, participants from all over the metro have joined this event in an effort to help save the environment.

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At this fair, you can buy, sell or trade recyclable items such as batteries, old air-condtioners and T.V. sets, paper and used cellular phones. In succeeding fairs, a tarp recycling booth was also available for old tarpauline material to be turned into bags. Bags! We like that! :)

EdgyEcology, Inc. is so inspired by this effort, and hopes that other villages and communities follow suit. We realize that an excessive lifestyle (buying things we don’t really need) can play a part in damaging the environment by contributing to more garbage and waste that is generated.

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Do YOU have a great green idea that hasn’t been done in our country yet? May we encourage you to blaze a trail and inspire others to follow!

For more information about the fair, please contact the Barangay Magallanes Office at 7295114.

Special thanks to Ms. Bettina del Rosario for introducing this event to us.


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